Drupal Conflict Resolution Team Has a New Chair

Jordana Fung

The Drupal CWG Twitter account has congratulated Jordana Fung for being the 'new chair of the Conflict Resolution Team.' Apart from this announcement on Twitter that appeared on January 03, 2023, the official CWG blog on drupal.org has not mentioned any new change except for the CRT member listing in which Jordana is named the chair.

Jordana is a Senior Technical Community Manager at Mattermost and a Drupal enthusiast. For those new to the free software world, Mattermost is the open-source alternative to Slack.

Jordana Fung became a part of the Drupal CWG along with Rachel Lawson in May 2017.

Conflict Resolution Team members are selected from the Community Health Team and the Drupal community at large by current CWG (community working group) members and approved by the CWG Review Panel. The current CWG CRT members are Jordana Fung (chair), Alex Burrows, Donna Bungard, Mark Casias, and JD Flynn. Incidentally, Jordana Fung, Alex Burrows, Donna Bungard, Mark Casias, and Michael Anello are the only CWG members with access to Incident Reports.

The CWG acts as a group to maintain documentation and processes focused on the community's health. In case of disagreements, they guide community members through the conflict resolution process to help defuse tense situations and keep discussions productive. In rare cases of intractable conflicts, they act as a point of escalation, mediation, and/or final arbitration for the Drupal community.

More details about the conflict resolution team can be found here.

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