Dries Buytaert Talks About Balancing Makers and Takers To Scale and Sustain Open Source


Sustain Open Source recently did a podcast with Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal as well as the founder and CTO of Acquia. Richard Littauer was the only panelist for Sustain in this conversation with Dries Buytaert.

Sustain Open Source aims to bring together the movers and shakers in the open-source ecosystem through conversations with them. The discussions with Sustain revolve around the health and sustainability of the open-source community and with people involved in the various open-source projects. Richard Littauer, the lone panelist for Sustain in this episode with Dries, is himself an entrepreneur, developer, linguist, and writer.

Dries in this interesting fast-paced conversation covers a range of topics starting with how he started with Drupal and the strength of the Drupal community in terms of numbers as well as tenacity. He also talks about how supporting each other is important in the open-source technology community and about his recent contribution to the PHP Foundation. Dries highlights the credit system for contributions in the Drupal ecosystem and its role in the recognition of the very many contributions done by members of the Drupal community.

Dries emphasizes the need for balance among “ makers and takers “ as he calls the contributors and those who just benefit from Drupal without giving back. He ropes in the work of Elinor Ostrom, the noble laureate for good effect.

Listen to the whole podcast at https://podcast.sustainoss.org/109.  Read Dries Buytaert's personal blog on the same topic of "Balancing makers and takers to scale and sustain Open Source".

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