Drupal Ranked Third in Core Web Vitals Technology Report

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HTTPArchive published real-world statistics of core web vitals performance1 of major Content Management System (CMS) platforms that showed many open source platforms making gains in core web vital performance. The report showed that Drupal is a winner in the open-source platforms.

The report covers both commercials as well as open-source platforms. While Duda is the clear winner, with 69.3% of Duda websites having a good core web vitals score, Drupal scored third place with 50.2%. Wix was ranked number 2 with a difference of 14% from Duda.

If this year's performance is to be taken into consideration, Drupal has shown consistent improvement in its core web vitals after a drop in February 2021. At the same time, Duda has experienced an up and down journey till July 2021, after which it has only shown improvement in its performance.

The performance of Drupal for both the mobile and desktop URLs has been consistent and improving. This shows that Drupal's performance is improving in content creation and web search ranking.

The Core Web Vitals Technology Report2 is based on Chrome User Experience (CRuX) and HTTPArchive Lab Web Technology Detection Dataset. The CRuX dataset is collected by real-world web browser users who share an anonymous website Core Web Vital Statistics. The HTTPArchive dataset comprises data collected by crawlers crawling through millions of URLs part of the CRuX dataset.


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