Drupal Association Releases Statement in Support of Ukraine

Sky News

In the wake of the ongoing attack in Ukraine, the Drupal Association released a statement on 24th February 2022 condemning the Russian government for the attack. The statement clearly expressed their stand with Ukraine and called the attack an act of aggression with an actual human cost.

The Drupal Association stated that they stand with all affected populations in Ukraine, and their hearts are with the Drupal Ukraine Community. Understanding that it is difficult to see how an individual can make a positive impact during this testing time, they mentioned a list of organizations accepting donations to help people directly affected by the events in Ukraine.

In coordination with the Security Working Group, the Drupal Association is taking steps to ensure that the Drupal community is prepared for the cybersecurity implications of the conflict. They also added that those with any concerns regarding Drupal security could reach out to the security team through email.

They ended their statement stating that the Drupal Association stands in solidarity and hopes for peace to come soon.


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