Designing Drupal Experiences with Figma at DrupalCon Portland 2022

Designing Drupal Experience with Figma
Drupal Association YouTube

Matt Curtin, Director of Design, Phase2 in his session at the DrupalCon Portland describes how the digital design process has evolved and the role that Figma can play in Drupal development. 

Figma, a web-based design prototyping tool, is growing in popularity across the design and Drupal community. Featuring interactive components, dynamic asset libraries, and powerful collaboration tools, Figma is becoming the design tool of choice for designers establishing design systems and holistic digital experiences for the Drupal platform. 

Similar to Drupal, Figma has backing and support from the design community. There is a long list of community plug-ins available for faster design implementation, interface visual elements, layout, accessibility, annotations, and more. Accessibility is a huge consideration when building a new Drupal or any website or application. While it’s important to note that everyone plays a role in accessibility, designers can help tremendously through continuous testing during the design process and documentation. A lot of this can be done directly in Figma.

During the session, Matt explores the latest features of the Figma application that allows designers to work efficiently and creatively. He reviews a variety of best practices that will result in a more consistent and streamlined frontend framework along with better alignment with the frontend implementation team. This session demonstrates how Figma can become part of your daily workflow for designing and building Drupal sites.

Check out his session now on Drupal Association’s YouTube page: