Drupal State and the Need for a JavaScript SDK at DrupalCon Portland 2022

Drupal State and the need for a JavaScript SDK
Drupal Association YouTube

Brian Perry, Senior Software Engineer Pantheon, gave a session on ‘Drupal State and the Need for a JavaScript SDK’ at DrupalCon Portland. This session examines the concepts behind Drupal State, along with the role a library like Drupal State could play within the wider Decoupled Drupal ecosystem.

With JSON:API, Drupal offers an extremely low friction approach to make content from Drupal available to any consuming application. However, Drupal doesn't currently offer any tools to make consuming this data in a JavaScript front end just as frictionless. This leads to developers repeatedly solving the same problems in decoupled builds, and may also contribute to the perception that Drupal isn't JavaScript friendly.

Drupal State aims to bridge this gap by offering a common set of framework agnostic utilities that allow JavaScript developers with limited knowledge of Drupal or the JSON:API spec to take advantage of the best features of Drupal’s APIs.

The flow of the session included:

  • Fetching data
  • My component library needs
  • How do other projects handle this?
  • What would we need to stop solving this problem repeatedly?
  • While we’re dreaming about solving the World’s problem
  • Avoiding over fetching
  • The graphQL of it All
  • Remember Generic Drupal Web Components?
  • How could we improve this?
  • Possible next steps.

Watch the session at Drupal Association's YouTube page:

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