Drupal Business Survey 2022 Underway; Call for Business Owners/CEOs to Respond

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Exove and iO digital are back with the annual Drupal business survey. It will be the seventh edition of the survey previously brought out by Exove and One Shoe. (Creative and Digital Agency, One Shoe is now part of iO Digital.) The survey brings about valuable input about the footprint of Drupal in the enterprise sector. 

In the 2020 survey, 83 thought leaders participated, and the questionnaire predominantly centred around Covid19 and its implications in the business. It discussed how the pandemic became a catalyst for investments in Digital Transformation worldwide. 

The sixth edition of the survey discussed how to sustain growth in a post-pandemic landscape. The 2021 survey had 77 takers who participated willingly. 

Drupal Business Survey 2022 will be presented in DrupalCon Europe 2022, scheduled to be conducted in Prague from 20-23 September this year. Janne Kalliola, Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder of Exove, and Michel Van Velde, Managing Director at iO, Campus Utrecht, will present the results and insights from the survey during the Drupal CEO Dinner at the Conference. 

The survey will take 10—15 minutes to answer. Drupal business owners, CEOs, and directors are welcome to provide their insights. The initiators have shared the questionnaire as a google form that makes it easy to attempt. 

"Responses will be used to generate an anonymised, aggregate report about the state of the Drupal business ecosystem. Specific quotes in the report will be made anonymous before publishing,"

promises the initiators. 

The survey is divided into six segments. 

  • General information (4 questions)
  • About your business (11 questions)
  • Business Outlook (7 questions)
  • Client Projects (9 questions)
  • Collaboration & Community (3 questions)
  • Talent needs (9 questions)

Drupal business leaders can participate in the survey and fill up the questionnaire here.

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