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Aaron Winborn and his Contributions to Drupal

Aaron Winborn was a long-time Drupal Contributor who lost his battle with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) on 24th March 2015. He has made countless contributions to Drupal projects and the people who use them. He built the Media module, helped organize NYC camps, and contributed valuable codes still used around the globe.

Aaron was a developer and a Drupal project maintainer and worked for Advomatic, Culture Fix, Greenwood Sudbury School, and The Circle School. For years, he advocated for increasing involvement in the Drupal community and has inspired many to work towards this cause. He has contributed multiple modules like jQuery Media, Embedded Media field, Views Slideshow, and many more. Aaron was also the editor of Drupal Newsletter for a few months. He has also written a book named Drupal Multimedia. He contributed to multiple projects with a total of 2494 commits. 

Most of the modules written by Aaron were based on media. An example will be that of putting videos on Drupal sites. He wrote the module in 2008 when adding videos to a website was very difficult. This module made the same complicated process easy. His work on the Media Module was significant to Drupal 8, showcasing his contribution to the Drupal community.

As an advocate for increased involvement in the Drupal community, Aaron has served as a Drupal Association financial point person for a few sprints. He has worked behind the scenes for many sprints, meetups, camps and was instrumental in many of the foundational work of the Drupal Association, helping it reach its current position.

Aaron has made numerous contributions to Drupal projects, community, Drupal Association, and the wider world in ways measurable and immeasurable. To honor his dedication, kindness, humility, and contribution, the Community Working Group, started the Aaron Winborn Award with the support of the Drupal Association. This award honors community members who exhibit incredible kindness, integrity, and commitment to the Drupal community.