Anne Stefanyk (Annabella)

As Founder and CEO of Kanopi Studios, Anne helps create clarity around project needs, and turns client conversations into actionable outcomes. She enjoys helping clients identify their problems, and then empowering the Kanopi team to execute great solutions.

Anne fell into the Drupal community in 2007, and admired both the community’s people and the constant quest for knowledge. After holding Director-level positions at large Drupal agencies, she decided she was ready to open Kanopi Studios in 2010.

Her background is in business development, marketing and technology, which allows her to successfully manage all facets of the business as well as provide the technical understanding to allow her to interface with engineers. She has accumulated years of professional Drupal hands-on experience, from basic websites to large Drupal applications with high performance demands, multiple integrations, complicated migrations, and e-commerce including subscription and multi-tenancy.

Anne is an advocate for open source and co-organizes the Bay Area Drupal Camp. When she’s not contributing to the community or running a small, thoughtful web agency, she enjoys yoga, meditation, treehouses, dharma, cycling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and hanging with her nephew.


Kanopi Studios
Kanopi Studios is a women-led and family-owned business. Anne Stefanyk started Kanopi in 2013 with her sister Jill Taiji. They have offices in Canada and the United States and their services include research and discovery, content strategy, user experience, website design, development, and support. Kanopi Studios designs and builds Drupal and WordPress websites ranging from single-paged static websites to feature-rich, highly complex ones. Kanopi Studios have designers developers and project managers working remotely from all over North America. Kanopi Studios clientele include In...