Your Quiet Space at DrupalCon Portland 2022

Keeping in mind that due to COVID-19 everyone has been cut off from the world and has become accustomed to less interaction with the world, the DrupalCon Portland team has decided to have dedicated spaces for people to spend some alone time, offer prayers and meditate.

Room A103 has been turned into a Quiet Space that is free of  interactions and conversations. You can use this room for meditation, journaling, reading or just sit idly, away from the buzz of the Con. Those that wish to use this room should use hushed voices and practice silence as much as possible.

Room C127 is reserved for non–denominational prayer space. This space is open for all faiths and will have spiritual texts and prayer rugs. The participants are requested to maintain silence and ensure that their phone’s or other devices are on silent.

The team has also organized chair beginner-friendly Yoga and mindful Meditation session in Room G129-G130. The sessions will have 35 people max and will be first come first serve basis. The two morning sessions will be on Tuesday and Thursday and the two evening sessions will be on Monday and Wednesday.