Drupal Developer at TECHFLAIRS

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
- Onsite
This job was posted more than 30 days ago and may not be active. Please check the source website to confirm if this is still open.
Organization : TECHFLAIRS
Location :
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Experience : 8 Years
Job type : Full-time
Posted on : June 05, 2023


Job Description:

  • Techflairs is seeking a candidate requires 6-10 years of specialized programming and technical development experience, along with proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, XML, PHP, Drupal, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, and Angular. A bachelor's degree in IT or a related field is also required. The candidate should have experience preparing complex technical documentation and be familiar with web development and architecture styles/APIs. The ideal candidate has 9 years of experience overall.


TECHFLAIRS is a strategically integrated technology and consulting services firm that is focused on delivering value to clients through tailored solutions based on industry-leading practices. Our team of highly skilled problem solvers applies a wide range of experience, expertise, and ingenuity to each unique client project. From concept to completion, our experts work with you to create a fully tailored solution.

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