Drupal Developer Job at Programming.com

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
- Onsite
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Organization : Programming.com
Location :
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Experience : 4 Years
Job type : Contract
Posted on : May 29, 2024


Job Title: Senior Drupal Frontend Developer (Sitestudio)

Location: Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Gurugram, Mumbai, Panchkula.

Experience: 4+ Years

Notice Period: Immediate to 15 days

Job Description:

We are looking for a talented Senior Drupal Frontend Developer to join our team . As a Senior Drupal Frontend Developer, you will play a key role in designing and implementing user interfaces for Drupal-based websites using the Sitestudio platform.


♦ Collaborate with the design and development teams to implement Drupal-based websites using Sitestudio.

♦ Develop custom Drupal themes and templates using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

♦ Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs and optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability.

♦ Integrate third-party modules and libraries as needed to enhance website functionality.

♦ Troubleshoot and debug frontend issues and provide solutions to ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness.

♦ Optimize websites for SEO and performance to deliver an exceptional user experience.

♦ Stay up-to-date with the latest Drupal and frontend development trends, tools, and best practices.


♦ Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

♦ 4+ years of experience in frontend development with expertise in Drupal.

♦ Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

♦ Experience with Drupal theming and template development.

♦ Strong understanding of responsive design principles and mobile-first development.

♦ Familiarity with version control systems such as Git.

♦ Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

♦ Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment and meet tight deadlines.

♦ Experience with Sitestudio platform is a plus.

Technical Skills:

Drupal, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Git



Welcome to Programming.com, your premier software solution and digital transformation partner, delivering bespoke solutions to clients worldwide. With offices strategically located in the USA, India, Singapore, and Ukraine, we boast over 13+ years of continuous growth and a global presence.Collaborating with diverse clients across industries such as Healthcare & Pharma, Automobile & Logistics, Banking & Fintech, FMCG, Retail & E-commerce, Education & E-learning, as well as startups poised to disrupt markets, we've solidified our position as a tr...
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