Front-end Developer at Four Kitchens


Organization : Four Kitchens
Location :
Salary : $80K - $100K |
Job type : Full-time, Telecommute/Remote
Experience : N/A


Four Kitchens is looking for a Frontend Drupal Developer with experience in HTML and CSS who has experience with or wants to learn Drupal theming. Drupal Frontend Developers with Four Kitchens are growing their skills, and are passionate about learning best practices. They work collaboratively within close-knit teams of designers and backend developers, to implement new features from established style guides and wireframes.

As a Web Chef, you will first and foremost exemplify our Core Values. You will also exhibit a natural curiosity and a passion for making really cool stuff for the web. We expect our whole team to self-lead and prioritize as distributed team members—your frequent communication and participation in company culture will be key indicators of your engagement at Four Kitchens. Being a constant self-educator is essential, so advanced degrees are not a requirement for this role as we believe that experience and passion are more important.

We’re committed to providing an inclusive workplace and building a diverse team, and that starts with leadership. At our core, we believe deeply in diversity and inclusiveness as being key parts of a healthy team. We aim to create an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work. So, if you look at our team page and don’t see yourself, don’t shy away. Come work with us!

You will:

  • Work within the Drupal theming system to create templates and preprocess functions to implement features using industry best practices.
  • Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to implement the visual design and user interactions for websites and web apps.
  • Create graphically intensive user interfaces 
  • Implement designs using a mobile-first approach to create pleasant, performant experiences on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Create quality mockups and prototypes.
  • Leverage frontend style guides and pattern libraries.
  • Work with project management to estimate new project opportunities.
  • Work closely with clients on project engagements to deliver exceptional code, consulting, and advice.
  • Engineer first-class user interactions using modern JavaScript best practices and frameworks.
  • Conduct unit testing and/or integration testing
  • Ensure good user experience design in all work you produce.
  • Passionately keep pace with rapid innovation in web technologies.
  • Self-manage as a distributed team member, working remotely from both client and team.

You're our next Drupal Frontend Developer if :

  • You are passionate about frontend development and interested in learning the specifics of working with Drupal or WordPress.
  • You have a strong foundation and demonstrable experience writing fast and maintainable custom HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript code while adhering to frontend performance standards.
  • You have been responsible for implementing top-tier visual and interactive components (with bonus points for having a strong grasp of visual design.)
  • You demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills for presentations, demos, client consultations and ongoing documentation.
  • You exhibit knowledge of frontend development tools, such as Sass, Bower, Grunt, and/or Gulp.
  • You understand the “mobile-first” approach to frontend development.
  • You can engage in out-of-the-box thinking to create new techniques to visualize data.

How to apply

Attach your resume and cover letter on this link.


Four Kitchens is a digital agency that helps organizations create websites, applications, and design systems. They make transformative digital platforms for universities, publishers, and nonprofits. Four Kitchens is also the creator of Emulsify Design systems, an open-source tool for creating design systems with clear guidelines and reusable components. They specialize in user experience, decoupled architecture, user-friendly interface, development, and staff augmentation. Four Kitchens uses tools like content management, static site generator, JavaScript, Storybook, Pattern Lab, Evercurrent,...