Frontend Developer at Phase 2


Organization : Phase2
Location : US, TX, Arlington
Job type : Full-time, Telecommute/Remote
Experience : N/A


Working at Phase2, you will be surrounded by other highly intelligent, motivated professionals who are not only smart but also kind. Our culture is built on authenticity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We provide a flexible work environment and we have been remote-friendly for years prior to the pandemic. We nurture the natural curiosity of our employees by providing them opportunities to explore various disciplines through our system of guilds: groups who meet regularly discuss, learn about, and advance our company’s capabilities in specific areas. Focus areas for our guilds range from: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Automated Testing; Drupal; JAMstack; Management; Teambuilding and Agile Methodologies; Javascript; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); and many others. Our developers also get the opportunity to learn and explore continuously by working across a variety of clients and using an ever-evolving set of cutting edge technologies. If you are passionate about your work and want to make an impact, we’d love  for you to join us and add to our culture!

This position reports to the Director of Engineering for Frontend and Mobile Applications.


  • Break down functional requirements into technical tasks.
  • Communicate with clients to clarify requirements and discuss solution options.
  • Estimate development tasks.
  • Design data structures, including component composition, properties, and state.
  • Suggest improvements to software systems.
  • Lead portions of the project development process.
  • Troubleshoot operational issues to determine root cause and perform resolution.
  • Manage codebase to create releases and deploy code to production systems.
  • Shares knowledge and mentors colleagues as needed.
  • Provide self-documenting code and operational documentation as required.
  • Meet periodically with a mentor/manager/team lead to keep on track with development.
  • Accept constructive feedback and seek assistance as needed.
  • Perform code reviews on pull requests.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of modern vanilla JavaScript (ES6+).
  • Strong knowledge of modern CSS, including, Flexbox, CSS grid, CSS variables.
  • Strong understanding of the DOM (Document Object Model) and DOM manipulation.
  • Experience with one or more frontend frameworks.
  • Experience writing automated tests using systems such as Mocha, Jest, or Cypress.
  • Ability to collaborate with design and product team(s) and make recommendations that ease or improve implementation.
  • Experience using Git, including the abilities to commit code, work with merge conflicts and comprehend industry standard Git workflows.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with, or basic knowledge of, Web Components strongly preferred.
  • Experience developing in TypeScript.
  • Experience with JavaScript template engines like JSX.
  • Experience developing with Tailwind CSS.
  • Experience advocating for accessibility best practices.
  • Drupal theming experience, including the Twig templating system, a plus.
  • Experience with bundling systems such as Webpack, Snowpack, Parcel, etc.

How to apply

Apply through this link.


Phase2 is a digital product agency that has launched over 1000 Drupal websites and has a large number of projects in progress slated to be launched on Drupal 9. They are a leader in the Drupal community, with over 150 modules maintained and three distribution platforms for the public and private sectors. They have partnered with Acquia, Contegix, Contentful, OneTrust, Pantheon, Salesforce, and Siteimprove. They offer services like strategy and planning, user experience, digital design, content strategy, content management system, decoupled architecture, customer data platforms, sales platform...