Back-end Developer at Mythic Digital


Organization : Mythic Digital
Location : United States
Experience : N/A
Job type : Full-time, Contract, Telecommute/Remote
Salary : $70-$85/hr


We’re looking for a reliable and communicative back-end developer who specializes in Drupal to partner with for engagements beyond our resourcing capacity. This position is for a consistent share of part-time to full-time contracting work, with hiring full-time as an employee potential in the future (if desired). You can make your own schedule to complete your work but all we ask is you’re available for a couple meetings with our team every week.

Your responsibilities may Include:

  • Working with Mythic Digital to understand the way we do things, our technical approach and our project structure.
  • Implementing requirements described in a technical plan, including site building, configuration management, and writing custom code (including integrating with Drupal’s hooks, events, plugin system, etc.).
  • Overseeing of Drupal web projects and ongoing support/maintenance.
  • Communicating with clients and making recommendations based on their needs or opportunities you see.
  • Working with clients or project managers to communicate technical needs/expectations and prioritize work.
  • Writing documentation, user stories, and specifications for other developers.
  • Completing security updates for Drupal core and contrib.
  • Participating in QA and code review.
  • Keeping regular communication with Mythic Digital via Slack & out project management tool.

Must have:

  • Be located in the United States
  • Experience working with Drupal building and configuring websites (e.g. creating content types, and views).
  • Familiarity with collaborative development tools such as Git
  • Experience with agile development methodologies (like Scrum)
  • Experience working on a remote/distributed team
  • Experience with PHP and JavaScript web programming
  • Experience with Drupal's top contributed modules
  • Strong communication skills
  • An ability to translate technical concepts to non-technical people
  • Strong self-management skills
  • An ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
  • The ability to accurately track your time and submit time logs weekly


  • Active member in the Drupal community, or other open-source projects
  • Knowledge of accessibility standards and best practices
  • Experience with DevOps platforms like Heroku, Acquia Cloud, Pantheon, or
  • Experience with DevOps tooling like Ansible

How to apply

Send your Resume & a brief introduction to with 'Back-end Developer' as the subject line.


Mythic Digital is a marketing technology company that specializes in creating web applications, strategy, design and DevOps. They use their experience in giving their clients a personalized digital experience platform. They work with companies in health care, government, non-profits, education and e-commerce. They offer services like accessibility, consulting, data migration, site audit, deployment, multilingual websites, quality assurance, performance tuning and optimization and project management. Based in U.S., Mythic Digital has supported 6 Drupal projects like New England Drupal Camp, N...