Delivering Fantastic Brand Experiences with Low-Code by Cyber-Duck and Acquia

Cyber-Duck and Acquia are hosting an exclusive webinar on empowering digital brand consolidation, UX and customer services with low-code solutions on 23rd June 2022. Gareth Alexander, Drupal Technical Lead at Cyber-Duck, Rebecca Smith, Account Manager at Cyber-Duck, Vanessa Strydom, Senior UX Designer at Cyber-Duck and Agnes Lind, Solutions Engineer EMEA at Acquia will be the speakers for the session.

The webinar will cover when (and why) to consider a low code solution, utilising low code for brand consolidation, improving UI and responding to CX issues, empowering in-house content marketers to build and deliver dynamic web pages, empowering developers to focus on complex code, data vulnerabilities and accessibility and delivering low code on Drupal websites with Acquia Site Studio.

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