Your European Technology Advisor for Open Source solutions. With a passionate group of specialists, more than 18 years of experience and the use of the latest technologies, we are able to face the most difficult challenges. Digital, Creative, Innovative. We combine process, talent and experience to ensure the best result with 24h/365 day support.

We ideate, design and develop digital products with people’s needs and preferences firmly in mind.

We believe in the combination of technology and beauty: beauty of code, interfaces and experience of people who will use the products we create.

We believe in courage and fear. Breaking the rules to face new challenges is the only way not to undergo changes but to ride them.

Above all, we believe in people. In the light they radiate when they are satisfied. We believe in time – which is not only the one spent at our desk – but especially the one we use to do what we love.

We believe in proximity: of ideals, intents, values. We are convinced that this world is big enough to welcome all of us and that proximity is a state of mind.

We believe in those who make what they excel in. In those who are always ready to give a helping hand, an idea, a suggestion. In those who are the sparkles and ignite the extraordinary.

We are Hinto, those who thought that another way of working was possible, therefore, we invented it.

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