Drupal Hands-on Training Opportunities at DrupalCon Portland


The Drupal Community truly embodies the philosophy of Free and Open Source. During any Drupal gathering, you can see the community members are open and free about sharing information- whether it be a problem they tacked successfully whether it be technical, business or even thought leadership, you’ll find something that interests anybody no matter their particular area of interest in the Drupal ecosystem. As pixelite points out in her blog,” People also tend to share the code they used to solve one problem or another, and speakers tend to be open about sharing the details of how they solved a problem.

While hearing how a problem is solved might help you especially if you have come far in the Drupal learning curve, that might not be of much help to those who are relatively new to Drupal. A few Drupal training companies have put together four training sessions, each spanning over a period of two days, so attendees get time to process the information gathered and also get to attend other sessions too.

At DrupalCon Portland, the training offered are:

•    Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Migration with Evolving Web
•    Component-Based Development with Drupal with Mediacurrent
•    Introduction to Drupal 9 Module Development with Drupal Easy
•    Theming - Drupalize.me with Drupalize.me  

The first part of the session will be on Monday morning and the concluding one, Tuesday afternoon.

For those who have already signed up for the conference and want to add training to your ticket, just email registration@association.drupal.org with the name of the training you’d like to attend, and they can help you add it to your ticket.  If you haven’t signed up for DrupalCon yet, you can buy a combined ticket for the conference and a training.

For details visit Build your Drupal expertise at DrupalCon with Hands-on Training

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