• Droopler's Next Chapter: Grzegorz Pietrzak's Insights | Part 2

    In this insightful interview segment, Grzegorz Pietrzak, the tech lead of Droopler, sheds light on how Droopler stands out in corporate website building. With a focus on the growing demand from enterprises, Pietrzak accentuates the distinctive features and integrations that position Droopler as the preferred choice. Exploring the nuanced balance between swift development and upholding Drupal's fundamental freedoms, he provides a sneak peek into Droopler's continuous evolution and hints at significant upcoming changes. For a more understanding, dive into the complete interview.
  • A Tech Veteran's Take on Drupal and Building PHP Teams: A Chat with Grzegorz Pietrzak Part 1

    In this insightful interview, Grzegorz Pietrzak, a seasoned PHP/Drupal/Symfony Tech Lead at Droptica, shares profound perspectives on his Drupal journey, community engagement, and the evolving role of Droopler in corporate website development. With a focus on fostering effective PHP teams and overcoming challenges in the Drupal ecosystem, Grzegorz provides valuable insights.
  • Exploring the Drupal Universe: A Conversation with Oskar Calvo

    Discover the vibrant world of Drupal through the eyes of Oskar Calvo, a passionate Software Architect at Hiberus Tecnología. Delve into Oskar's journey in the Drupal ecosystem, his recent workshop at DrupalCamp Spain, and the driving force behind his dedication to this open-source platform. Uncover insights from Oskar's workshops, his role at Hiberus Tecnología, and his perspectives on the evolving landscape of web development and content management systems. Join us for an in-depth conversation that unveils the story of Oskar Calvo and his remarkable exploration of Drupal.
  • Luca Lusso: Perseverant in the Face of Failures and Bold in Experiments

    In an exclusive interview with TDT, Luca Lusso recounts his evolution as a Drupal Developer, reminiscing his entry into Drupal 5 and PHP 5 in 2007. He candidly discusses his attempts at contributing to the Drupal community, emphasizing past project failures and notable successes that include WebProfiler and Monolog modules. Also, his latest book, "Modernizing Drupal 10 Theme Development."
  • Drupal's Future: An Exclusive Interview with Ricardo Marcelino of Omibee

    Interview with Ricardo Marcelino, the CEO of Omibee and a prominent figure in the Drupal community. Gain valuable perspectives on Drupal's future, its unique capabilities as a DXP, and Omibee's commitment to crafting exceptional digital experiences. Discover how Drupal adapts to evolving industry trends and why businesses find it cost-effective and empowering.
  • Frederik Wouters: Predicting and Pioneering Drupal-AI Interplay

    From losing the first Drupal account to integrating Drupal and AI, certifications to continuous learning, and the interplay of emerging technologies, this interview with Frederick Wouters offers insights and inspiration for both seasoned web developers and those venturing into the depths of technology. Get ready to explore the boundless horizons of Drupal, AI, and the tech community through Frederik's experiences and vision.