• Best of Both Worlds: Thor Andre Gretland on Gutenberg and Drupal's Synergy

    Discover the innovative journey of Drupal Gutenberg through the insights of Thor Andre Gretland, Head of Sales and Business Advisor at Frontkom. In an exclusive interview with The DropTimes, Thor Andre unveils how Gutenberg is revolutionizing the Drupal ecosystem, enhancing content creation, and bridging communities. Learn about the groundbreaking collaboration between WordPress and Drupal, the challenges addressed, and the future of open-source CMS development. From improving user experience to addressing digital marketing needs, this interview is a deep dive into the evolving world of content management.
  • From Drupal's Roots to Aiven's Branches: Angie Byron's Tech Journey

    Angie Byron, Community Director at Aiven and former Drupal Core Co-Maintainer, shares insights on her journey in tech. This interview explores her transition from Google Summer of Code participant to Drupal Product Manager, her advocacy for diversity in tech, and her work in fostering community collaboration.
  • A Conversation with Dominique de Cooman on Drupal, Mautic, Open DXP and Dropsolid

    Join us as we delve into the realm of Dropsolid with Dominique de Cooman. Discover the driving forces behind their innovative integration of Drupal and open-source technology, and gain insights into the evolving landscape of digital experiences. From their founding principles to navigating Drupal's future, Dominique offers a candid exploration of Dropsolid's journey and its impact on the digital realm.
  • A Detailed Review of Droopler 4 with Grzegorz Bartman of Droptica

    Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Droopler 4 as Grzegorz Bartman, the co-CEO of Droptica, unveils the evolutionary strides of this cutting-edge Drupal distribution in an interview with Alka Elizabeth from The DropTimes. Delve into the seamless integration of single directory components, Bootstrap 5, and the Radix theme, tailored to meet the needs of developers. Discover the user-centric design featuring 15 pre-configured components through Drupal paragraphs, responsive web elements, and robust SEO modules catering to marketing and SEO experts. Gain insights into the strategic choices driving the adoption of Drupal Paragraphs over the Layout Builder and the collaborative ethos propelling Droopler's advancement. Stay tuned to the promising future of Droopler, characterized by a steadfast commitment to SEO optimization and enhanced editor experiences.
  • Harmony in Code: Irina Zaks' Open Source Journey

    In a compelling interview, Irina Zaks, co-founder and CTO of Fibonacci Web Studio, shares insights on bridging quantum physics with web development, simplifying Drupal migrations, and advocating for open source in academia. Ahead of her Stanford WebCamp 2024 session, Irina discusses the impact of her work on the academic sector and her vision for the future of web technology.
  • Navigating the Currents of Change: The Multidimensional Journey of Preston So

    Preston So, a dynamic figure in software development, showcases a rich career spanning diverse roles within the tech industry, emphasizing a leadership philosophy rooted in empathy and adaptability. Preston demonstrates a deep commitment to open-source principles and community-driven development through his extensive involvement in the Drupal community and his contributions to projects and events. His approach to tackling technical challenges and passion for sharing knowledge and fostering innovation exemplifies his impact on the Drupal ecosystem and the broader tech landscape. Explore the complete interview for further insights.
  • Sci-Fi to Software: James Shields' Evolution with Drupal

    Discover the inspiring journey of James Shields in our latest interview, where he dives deep into his 15-year voyage within the Drupal ecosystem. Uncover how his passion for science fiction conventions led to significant contributions and the shaping of digital communities. Join us as James reflects on the transformative power of collaboration, continuous learning, and his commitment to fostering innovation in open-source development.
  • Leadership and Learning: Krishnan Narayanan on Building a Culture of Innovation

    In this insightful interview, Krishnan Narayanan, CEO of Gai Technologies, shares his unique journey from bustling city life to the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh, reshaping the landscape of software development. He delves into the 'Dharamshala Model', a philosophy intertwining quality of life with the craftsmanship of technology, and discusses the transformative power of mentorship and continuous learning in building innovative teams. Discover how Krishnan's multifaceted career and holistic approach are pioneering change in the tech industry.
  • An Amalgamation of Open Source Benefits and Proprietary Luxury!

    Discover how Jon Stewart is redefining the digital landscape with ZenSource—a game-changing platform fusing open-source flexibility with enterprise-grade capabilities. Uncover insights into the strategic use of Drupal, AI integration, and ultra-secure cloud hosting in revolutionizing customer experience platforms.
  • FLDC Featured Speaker Aubrey Sambor on CSS Color Innovations

    Gain exclusive insights into Aubrey Sambor's journey in Drupal and her upcoming session on "Color in CSS" at Florida Drupal Camp 2024. In this interview with Kazima Abbas, sub-editor of The DropTimes, Aubrey shares her experiences and expertise, offering a glimpse into the evolving world of web development and Drupal community contributions.
  • Defying Limits: Matthew Ramir's Journey as a Drupal Developer with Cerebral Palsy

    Embrace the enlightening dialogue from an interview featuring Matthew Ramir, a pioneering DevOps Engineer with Cerebral Palsy, as he shares his journey of overcoming obstacles in the tech industry. The interview delves into Matthew's early influences in high school, his approach to problem-solving influenced by Cerebral Palsy, and his upcoming presentation at Florida DrupalCamp 2024. Matthew's unwavering commitment to inclusion and compassion in his leadership, paired with his unique blend of poetry and performance in public speaking, showcases his impactful contributions to the field and beyond.
  • Leading the Way: Ruth Cheesley's Journey with Mautic

    In a conversation with The DropTimes, Ruth Cheesley, the esteemed Mautic Project Lead, delves into her journey from beneficiary to influential contributor within the open-source community. Sharing insights into her path, she recounts pivotal moments that led her to Mautic and discusses the project's evolution, community engagement, and future aspirations. With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, Ruth offers valuable advice for those seeking to embark on their own open-source endeavours.
  • Contribution Health Dashboards: A Conversation with Alex Moreno

    Gain an in-depth understanding of the newly developed Contribution Health Dashboards as Alex Moreno,
    The program Manager and Drupal Innovation Coordinator at the Drupal Association discuss CHD development, technological underpinnings, and potential impact on the global diversity of the Drupal community. Discover the challenges faced, future steps, and how the Drupal community can contribute to the dashboards' enhancement.
  • Nicolas Loye: Bridging Technology and Community for Sustainable Growth

    Uncover the journey of Nicolas Loye, CTO at Smile and a Drupal luminary, as he shares insights on community building, leadership, and staying at the forefront of technology. Discover the blend of technical expertise and community stewardship that defines his impactful role in the Drupal ecosystem.
  • Beyond Code: A Decadal Odyssey with Drupal

    Explore the dynamic journey of Jorge Lopez-Lago, seasoned Solutions Architect at FFW, as he shares his diverse experiences and insights in an exclusive interview with The Drop Times, offering a glimpse into his evolution from a hands-on Drupal developer to a multifaceted leader and his unique approach to problem-solving and community engagement.
  • Drupal's Future Excites and Warrants Consideration: Boyan Borisov

    Dive into an illuminating conversation with Boyan Borisov, VP of Digital Solutions Europe at FFW, as he shares his journey as a Drupal enthusiast and his experiences with digital transformation. Discover his insights on Drupal's roadmap, transitioning to a unified multi-brand ecosystem, and the remarkable evolution of the Layout Builder.
  • Technology and People Make Drupal Happen: Fran Garcia-Linares

    Join Fran Garcia-Linares, Senior Drupal Developer at the Drupal Association, as he unveils the driving forces behind Drupal's evolution. Fran shares exclusive insights with Kazima Abbas, Sub Editor at The DropTimes (TDT), exploring strategic projects, global hiring initiatives, and the transformative impact of GitLab CI on Drupal's development process. Discover the symbiotic relationship between Fran's role, the Drupal community, and his unique journey from teaching to web development.
  • Nneka Hector Reflecting on DrupalGovCon 2023

    The DrupalGovCon 2023 presented both triumphs and challenges, marking a return to in-person events post-pandemic. As the Director of Web Development at DSFederal and a co-lead for the event, Nneka Hector reflects on the community's eagerness for in-person interaction and addresses lessons learned from this year's conference. The interview covers key takeaways, the impact of speakers, attendee feedback, team dynamics, and plans to further the Drupal community's collaboration and learning opportunities.
  • Think Licensing to Ensure Responsible Use of AI Tools, Says Lyubomir Filipov

    Explore the evolution of Lyubomir Filipov's career from his initial encounter with Drupal to his current role as a Group Architect at FFW Agency, delving into his strategies for team management, overcoming multilingual challenges, community involvement, and the intersection of artificial intelligence with the digital field. Filipov's diverse experiences reflect a multifaceted professional journey, offering insights into Drupal, community engagement, academic pursuits, and the future landscape of digital expertise.
  • Charting Debian's Free Software Journey

    Discover the Debian GNU/Linux Project's evolution and aspirations through an insightful interview with the Debian Project Lead, Jonathan Carter. Learn about the Debian ecosystem's path, objectives, problems, and future ambitions, shining light on Debian's transforming landscape, attracting contributors, DPL's role complexities, Debian's progress, and the project's guiding values. Jonathan's experiences unveil the dynamic world of Debian, shaping the future of this influential Free Software project.
  • Daniel Angelov's Journey into Accessibility Advocacy

    Dive into the World of Drupal Accessibility with Daniel Angelov! In a featured interview with Kazima Abbas, Daniel, a QA Domain Knowledge Leader at FFW, sheds light on his DrupalCon Lille session, 'Accessibility for Everyone!' Gain insights into Daniel's role at FFW, his Drupal journey, and a straightforward exploration of crucial accessibility aspects. Get to know the face behind the expertise in this insightful conversation!"
  • Droopler's Next Chapter: Grzegorz Pietrzak's Insights | Part 2

    In this insightful interview segment, Grzegorz Pietrzak, the tech lead of Droopler, sheds light on how Droopler stands out in corporate website building. With a focus on the growing demand from enterprises, Pietrzak accentuates the distinctive features and integrations that position Droopler as the preferred choice. Exploring the nuanced balance between swift development and upholding Drupal's fundamental freedoms, he provides a sneak peek into Droopler's continuous evolution and hints at significant upcoming changes. For a more understanding, dive into the complete interview.

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