• Esmeralda Braad-Tijhoff: The Woman Who Revived Her Life with Drupal

    Esmeralda Braad-Tijhoff transformed her life through Drupal, rising from poverty to a leading role in the tech industry. As a Drupal Product Owner at DICTU and a Dutch Drupal Association board member, Esmeralda shares her experiences and insights in an interview with Alka Elizabeth of The DropTimes. They discuss Esmeralda's background, transition into IT, and efforts to foster collaboration within the Drupal community. The interview also covers her advocacy for open-source solutions in government projects and her vision for the future of tech inclusivity.
  • Brian Perry Discusses Latest Updates and Future Vision for the API Client Initiative

    Dive into an in-depth conversation with Brian Perry as he unveils the latest updates and future trajectory of the API Client initiative. Discover how the Drupal API Client is revolutionizing the interaction with Drupal APIs, and explore the exciting opportunities it presents for web development enthusiasts. Join us as we unravel the journey of innovation and collaboration within the Drupal ecosystem.