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Strategic Initiatives

UI Suite initiative provides a cohesive set of modules to implement full design systems while preserving and improving the Drupal site-building experience.


A project to collect and compile data about the utilization of Drupal across various industry sectors, shedding light on the platform's extensive adoption in different domains.

GitLab Acceleration Drupal Initiative Logo
The project aims to substantially boost Drupal contributions by simplifying entry points and enhancing the user experience, making involvement in Drupal development more accessible and enjoyable.
Distributions and Recipes - Drupal Initiative logo

The Distributions and Recipes Initiative aims to address the challenges of Drupal's basic configuration by introducing a new feature called "recipes." These recipes will allow site builders to choose predefined sets of functionality for specific n


Introducing the Project Browser Initiative, a dedicated effort to simplify the Drupal experience for new and less technically-inclined users.

The Easy Out of the Box Initiative is dedicated to enhancing Drupal's appeal to new and inexperienced users by significantly improving the editorial experience right from the moment of installation.

Automated Updates - Drupal Initiative logo

The Automatic Updates Initiative aims to revolutionize Drupal site maintenance, making it more accessible, secure, and cost-effective.

Community initiatives


The proposal recommends that Drupal's external marketing should stop emphasizing version numbers to reflect the ease of upgrading between versions, making it less daunting and costly for users.


The Drupal Association is currently addressing a significant need for improved user on

The Promote Drupal initiative is a dedicated group of marketers within the Drupal community who are passionate about fostering the growth of the Drupal brand.

A digital consultancy with 120 experts in Drupal seeks to revolutionize Drupal as the most user-friendly Enterprise CMS.

Christian vanenen presents a compelling pitch for policy-based Access Control in Drupal core.

The focus of this project is to enhance the Layout Builder's UI experience by rewriting it using React. This shift to modern web UX will dramatically improve the content editor experience, making Drupal more accessible and user-friendly.

While Drupal core boasts excellent APIs for making data available to a couple of applications, it falls short in assisting JavaScript developers in consuming that data.

JSON Data and Schemas FTW - Drupal Initiative logo

Brad Jones,  Drupalista and digital nomad, based in beautiful Lake City, Colorado. With a wealth of experience in Drupal and a background as a part-time paramedic, Brad brings a unique perspective to the community.

AmyJune Hineline, a dedicated member of with 12 years and 10 months of experience, is a strong advocate for contributions and inclusivity in the Drupal community.

The Dashboard Initiative - Drupal Initiative logo

Adding dashboards in Drupal serves multiple purposes. For site builders, it enables them to create customized dashboards tailored to editors' specific needs, enhancing their editing experience.

The Drupal Open Curriculum Initiative is a collaborative effort aimed at equipping new developers with comprehensive training in Drupal development.

The Workflow in Core Initiative is dedicated to bringing significant enhancements to Drupal's content workflow, preview, and staging capabilities. This will be achieved by extending and improving aspects of the Entity API in core.

The Drupal 7 Soft Landing Initiative is designed to support the existing community of Drupal 7 site owners. Despite its significance and continued usage, Drupal 7 faces an eventual end-of-life date.

The Documentation and Help Initiative, is dedicated to enriching the Drupal evaluator, developer, and site builder experiences through enhanced documentation and in-application help.

The Contribution Events community project is dedicated to advancing the organization and participation of contribution events on a global scale.

The importance of addressing accessibility issues in Drupal cannot be understated, as it directly impacts both end users, particularly those using screen readers, and developers striving to meet accessibility requirements set by governments and or

In the realm of version control, the Configuration Management Initiative 2.0 has emerged as a significant development for Drupal 8.

Composer, a popular PHP dependency manager, lacked "official" support in Drupal core despite its widespread use in contributed modules.

Bug Smash Initiative - Drupal Initiative logo

The Bug Smash Initiative is a community effort to improve Drupal Core by fixing bugs. Anyone can participate, regardless of their experience level.

To join the initiative, you can:

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