Disney’s 24Kitchen Media Site on Drupal 8

The 24Kitchen ( is a popular TV channel in the Pan-European region and focuses on food, cooking and lifestyle from around the world. Currently, it is owned by Fox News Network, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

Client: Fox News Network and De Persgroep Netherlands
Drupal Service Provider: LimoenGroen Amsterdam

Pain Area

The 24Kitchen is a popular TV channel, but the website and it’s app did not reflect the brand presence of this famous channel. The site needed the look and feel to reflect the brand style. It needed easy content syndication and means for multimedia rich content to be pushed on the site. The site was to be a repository of recipes and showcase itself as a top digital platform for food and lifestyle content. This had to be reflected through the pageviews, unique visitors and logins, which was declining when the project was taken up.

Why Drupal was chosen

Drupal was chosen because of:

  • Client's familiarity with the platform
  • Ease of content editing
  • Open source nature that allowed for easy integration with other open source systems
  • Easy integration with other social media platforms and advertising widgets. 
  • Search with the Autocomplete option that allowed for quick access to the vast repository of video and recipes.
Describe the project(goals, requirements and outcome)

Being a popular television channel, it had around 5.1 Million television viewers and 650,000 website visitors per month. To keep the site from losing these valuable visitors, the site needed a design that was consistent across all 24Kitchen touch points. For better engagement with regulars or loyal followers, they provided various personalization solutions.


24Kitchen is now a multilingual website with translations available in over 100 languages. The editorial team can easily add content using flexible content templates. The improved user experience resulted in a marked increase in page views. Users can bookmark favorite recipes to revisit later.

Drupal version
Drupal 8
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen

The large repository of recipes are made available to users through relevant suggestions, user preferences and other parameters. Custom Views Contextual Arguments were used to show the content matching the taxonomy terms. ‘More Like This’ feature is built using the Search API Solr.

They used the Paragraphs module along with some media related modules to help in the editorial process. Other modules used include:

  • Fast Autocomplete
  • Crop API
  • Facet API
  • Flag
  • Voting API
  • Metatag
  • Twig Field Value
  • Smart Entity Reference Selection