The Easy Out of the Box Initiative is dedicated to enhancing Drupal's appeal to new and inexperienced users by significantly improving the editorial experience right from the moment of installation. The primary goals of the initiative include empowering novice users with easy content authoring and multimedia publishing capabilities, making the administrative user interface more approachable, and ensuring inclusivity by overcoming accessibility and usability challenges.

The idea for this initiative was born from a user research survey conducted during DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019, which revealed that beginners often find Drupal challenging, while more experienced users adore it. To address this discrepancy and improve Drupal's user experience for newcomers, Dries proposed the initiative during his DrupalCon 2020 Keynote, aiming to focus on key areas for improvement.

To achieve its objectives, the initiative incorporates three essential modules: Media, Layout Builder, and Claro. Together, these modules turn Drupal into an out-of-the-box experience, ensuring that users are guided with clarity right from the start.

The target audience for this initiative includes new Drupal users, site editors, content creators, marketers, CMOs, campaign managers, content publishers, and tech advisors.

By supporting the Easy Out of the Box Initiative, you contribute to making Drupal more user-friendly and accessible, attracting a wider audience of users, and providing an improved experience for content authors, editors, marketers, and tech professionals alike.

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