AmyJune Hineline, a dedicated member of with 12 years and 10 months of experience, is a strong advocate for contributions and inclusivity in the Drupal community. As an influential mentor since 2016, AmyJune plays a crucial role as a team lead in the core mentoring program, guiding first-time contributors from diverse backgrounds.

Their expertise as a non-code developer enables them to connect technical writers, coders, developers, and designers seamlessly. AmyJune actively contributes to the community health team and leads a project focused on enhancing the attribution system with productive language and dialogue templates, known as "nudges."

Driven by their passion, AmyJune has two transformative goals in mind: revamping the Drupal core mentoring program to empower mentors beyond the core mentor group for local and regional camp contributions, and addressing tension in the issue queue with a presentation on best practices for organizations stepping into contributions.

AmyJune Hineline seeks six thousand dollars to achieve these goals, which will be used to rebuild assets, develop presentations, and conduct workshops at DrupalCon Lil in Portland, gathering valuable feedback for program growth.

Through their tireless efforts, AmyJune Hineline has become a respected advocate for a welcoming and empowering Drupal community, making a lasting impact on the platform's progress and success.

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