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Commerce Core 2.31 (and more!) features in review


We've packaged three releases of Commerce Core this year, from the 2.29 release in February to this month's 2.31 release. While DrupalCon, Kickstart development, and client launches have kept us busy, we wanted to take the opportunity to share the good news while we take a breather before DrupalCon Prague.

Each release includes general maintenance and modernization work, improving PHP 8.1 and Drupal 10 support while keeping up with tax rate changes around the world. They also include a variety of minor bug fixes and enhancements, like database indexes to improve performance or new permissions to support finer grained store management. Altogether, we've seen 87 issues resolved by dozens of contributors.

In this blog post, we'll review the more significant new features, including for BOGO promotions, product display pages, and order management.

"Buy One Get One" promotions

Commerce Core 2.x has always included BOGO promotion support, including the ability to adjust the quantities (which is why we call it "Buy X, Get Y" in the UI) and fine tune other rules around applicability. Thanks to a variety of merchants pushing the limits of what core can do, we found fixed a few bugs and found ways to improve the feature. In particular, we've ensured that:

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