American Unit, Inc


Company Size: 500 to 1000 employees.

American Unit, Inc. is a leading consulting service provider that helps organizations implement, upgrade and optimize their IT related technology expertise. We have our resources working all over the country, providing core competency in technology consulting services to companies ranging in size from small, mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. Our proven expertise makes us the ideal strategic partner for most companies in providing industry-focused consulting services.

IBM’s solution for workplace data integration is IBM TRIRIGA. This solution provides an integrated workplace management system(IWMS).

American Unit is an IBM Business Gold Partner and offer the full TRIRIGA suite of products. Offering professional and expert, business and technical support services, American Unit will successfully implement a solution designed to the client’s specific requirements. American Unit has extensive experience with the full TRIRIGA product. Our TRIRIGA-certified consultants work closely with our clients, delivering on the commitment, providing the highest results. Our clients can be assured of a quality services through, up-to-date and detailed progress reports.