Maintec Technologies - USA

Maintec Technologies offers globally compliant IT solutions that empower businesses to become more competitive by leveraging both onsite and offshore capabilities. Based in Raleigh, NC, Maintec Technologies operates Offshore Development Center from Bangalore, India to provide comprehensive Mainframe outsourcing advantages to its clients.

Maintec Technologies works with their clients across the globe to provide cost effective services of the highest quality in the below areas.

=> Mainframe Data Center Management - Mainframe System Software Support - Mainframe Operations Support - Mainframe and Mid-Range Services (AIX and iSeries (AS/400) environments)

=> Mainframe Application Testing => Application Maintenance and Development Support => For sun setting Mainframe - Hosting services for running application - Mainframe environment can be leveraged for the data repository.

=> Mainframe on Demand (Access on Pay-per-use model) => Mainframe Hosting Services => Strategic IT Staffing

Maintec’s key focus is to help their clients optimize their operational budget, reduce risks associated with the hardware environment and better utilize the latest technologies available.