Ken Woodworth

VP of Design & Partner at Aten Design Group. 

Ken pursued an education in Graphic Design and Illustration, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art in 2001. Now, after more than 14 years of working on the web, he has experienced the evolution of web design – from table-based layouts, to the web standards movement, to the responsive world of today.

Ken has helped create beautiful work for amazing clients including Stanford, The World Resources Institute, The Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, and Habitat for Humanity. Ken has a gift for creating beautiful, intuitive design systems for even the most complex requirements, and his design capabilities are matched by a thorough understanding and ability in multiple front-end technologies.


Aten Design Group
Aten Design Group, founded in 2000, is a full-service digital consulting company that plans, builds, and supports digital products and experiences. They focus on helping human rights advocates, conservationists, health care workers, cultural heritage institutions, public policy reformers, artists, educators, and governments use effective technology to empower their organizations.They offer a broad range of strategy, development, design, and consulting services. Aten Design Groups' clientele includes WETA, City of Boulder, Indivisible, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health...