André Angelantoni (aangel)

André Angelantoni is the Founder of Performant Labs, a long-time Drupal-consultancy. He has been working with Drupal since 2007 and with web projects since the very beginning of the web.
He is passionate about helping others become experts in Drupal development. To further that, he often gives presentations at Drupal camps, meetups and at DrupalCons sharing his knowledge. The topics vary and include SOLR integration, which pitfalls to avoid in Layout Builder, automated testing, New Relic performance monitoring, and more.

He is also on the organizing team for BADCamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp) and volunteered at DrupalCon San Francisco.

He the project lead of Automated Testing Kit, Layout Builder Kit and Campaign Kit. For an example of his presentations, watch Setting up a Comprehensive Automated Testing Regime for Drupal using Cypress and Playwright given at the Stanford Web Camp 2023.


Performant Labs
Performant Labs specializes in design, development, performance improvement and automated testing of Drupal-based web sites.Past and current clients include Robert Half, Tesla, Docusign, CBS, The Goldman Prize and many others.Drupal contributionsActively give presentations at Bay Area Drupal and other camps around the country. Watch the founder, André Angelantoni, present Setting up a Comprehensive Automated Testing Regime for Drupal using Cypress and Playwright at the Stanford Web Camp.Automated Test Kit: Standard tests and utility functions to test Drupal using Cypress or Playwr...