Dick Olsson (dixon_)

Dick Olsson embarked on their Drupal journey in 2006, starting with Drupal 5 while still in school. As a freelancer, he provided services to small local companies in their Swedish town. His engagement in the local DrupalCamp community led them to NodeOne, a prominent agency based in Stockholm, where he became an essential part of the team.

Over the years, Dick Olsson  expanded his horizons and took on significant roles in the industry. He excelled as a Developer Lead at Al Jazeera TV Network and later transitioned to an Engineering Manager position in the Platform DevOps group at Pfizer.

With a passion for building strong and efficient teams, Dick Olsson focuses on the underlying theory and practice of efficient software delivery. He strongly believe in the value of open-source development, drawing inspiration from projects like Drupal. His journey showcases their dedication to continuous learning and growth, making them an asset in any professional setting.

From his website: 

  • I'm passionate about software development, with a focus on simplicity in every aspect.
  • When I am not hacking with small ARM64 computers or BSD projects, I ride my bike.
  • At work, I'm an Engineering Director for a large team of engineers at a large company.


Pfizer, Inc.
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