Zameer Fouzan

• Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Full-Stack Web Application Development. Deep understanding of web application life cycle and scalable architecture to enhance business processes across industries

• Competent in a wide range of technical skills and various languages (e.g. JS/TS, C#, Python, etc), frameworks, databases & cloud platforms (e.g. .NET, Angular+, AWS, GCP, MySQL, SASS, etc) with notable successes in providing high quality software development solutions

• An aspiring generalist, quick to adapt & curious for new technologies. Able to extract key information from complex problems and provide effective solutions. Seeking an exciting role to work and contribute on multi-faceted scalable applications


New Relic
Monitor, debug, and improve your entire stack.New Relic is where dev, ops, security and business teams solve software–performance problems with data.New Relic helps engineers and developers do their best work every day — using data, not opinions — at every stage of the software lifecycle. The world’s best engineering teams rely on New Relic to visualize, analyze and troubleshoot their software. New Relic One is the most powerful cloud-based observability platform built to help companies create more perfect software. Learn why customers trust New Relic for improved uptime and perfo...

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