Boris Doesborg

I have a masters degree in Business Communication (Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands) and started working in the late nineties writing on line help systems and internet pages. A +5 years search for a decent content management system to support such publications led me to Drupal (4.something). Over the last +5 years I worked as webmaster, developer, technical writer and project manager in various Drupal projects in companies and a university college in Spain and Belgium. I've been involved in Drupal as member of the documentation team (writing among others the embedded Drupal 7 help (, by helping out in forums, translating, being a driving force behind the Dutch Drupal website and by organizing events.

Since first using open source software and most in particular using Drupal I felt the urge to contribute back to the products I am enjoying using. As a non-progammer, I tried to contribute to the Drupal project by organizing events, writing documentation, translating and helping out other users.


drupal developer
Finalist implements Drupal CMS based on the needs of our customers: smart & lightweight to highly complex & sophisticated websites, communities and portals. Through our proven project approach and high involvement we are able to produce websites within a stipulated time period. Regardless of complexity or scale, we guarantee full service, a risk-free project approach, transparent pricing models and vendor independency. With over 30 years of experience in creating custom software and websites we know the tricks of the trade. From that perspective we try to push our experien...

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