Drupal ES Is Hosting an Online Workshop

Drupal ES will be hosting an online workshop On 30 November 2022 at 12:00 to 13:30 CET to reflect on ways to deploy environments and start working on Drupal from scratch. Drupal ES is a Drupal users group in Madrid, Spain. 

Oscar Novas who works in a web development company as a backend specialist in Drupal implementations will talk about a more optimized process to be able to deploy a test environment from scratch on your PC. This is an an entry-level talk for colleagues starting their Drupal journey with Cantera Drupal. Registration to be made via  meetup 

The workshop will have the following sections:

  •  Preparation of the environment (installation of the minimum necessary applications)
  •  Deployment of Drupal 9
  •  Basic configuration of the Site
  •  Basic configuration of debugging tools (Xdebug)
  •  Initial tests.

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