Merge PHP Meetup: What’s New in PHP 8.2

The latest version of PHP, PHP 8.2.0 is scheduled to be released on December 8th, 2022. The Merge PHP virtual meetup will be organized on the day of the release of PHP 8.2. The discussion will revolve around the new features and changes of PHP 8.2 and an in-depth understanding of how to easily get the code up to date. The meetup will begin at 5:30 am and the live stream will be uploaded on Youtube

Ian Littman, co-organizer of Longhorn PHP and Merge PHP will give an overview of PHP 8.2 explaining the new features like read-only classes, improvements to the type system, constants in traits, and backtrace parameter redaction, changes and deprecations like dynamic properties, locale sensitivity in strtolower/upper(), and ${} in string interpolation. Tune in for information on how to get the latest version of PHP.

Merge PHP is a collaboration of user groups to provide online virtual events. 

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