Security Update to Address Apigee Edge Module for Drupal 9.x.

On 1st February 2023 Drupal.Org displayed the new release of a security update. The purpose of this update is to address the vulnerability i.e  access bypass affecting the Apigee Edge module for Drupal 9.x.

The Apigee Edge module enables you to connect a Drupal 8+ site to Apigee Edge or Apigee X in order to build a developer portal. The Previous module versions did not support entity query level access checking, which could have led to information disclosure or access bypass in various places. According to the solution is to install the latest version of the module.

  • If you use the Apigee Edge module version 2.0.x for Drupal 9.x, upgrade to Apigee Edge 2.0.8
  • If you use the Apigee Edge module version 8.x-1.x for Drupal 9.x, upgrade to Apigee Edge 8.x-1.27

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