Drupal 10 Development Cookbook Releasing Tomorrow

Drupal 10 Development Cookbook: 3rd Edition

Drupal 10 Development Cookbook will get released on February 10, 2023, within two months of the release of the latest version of Drupal. This will be the third edition of Drupal's Development Cookbook, albeit the first one based on Drupal 10.x.

Matt Glaman, a Senior Drupal Consultant at Commerce Guys, is this edition's principal author. Matt had published two books based on Drupal 8 before. The current edition is titled Drupal 10 Development Cookbook: Practical recipes to harness the power of Drupal for building digital experiences and dynamic websites. The book is about creating rich content creator experiences and how to customize Drupal to meet your needs.

Along Side Matt Glaman, Kevin Quillen is co-authoring this edition, laying down years of experience in these 14 chapters.

The book will be available on Amazon in ePub/PDF/Kindle format, with a physical printed version available this quarter. It is 450 pages worth of walkthroughs, breakdowns, and techniques for utilizing various areas of Drupal 10 to level up your site building and development chops. Justin Cornell, Senior Software Developer, Architect, and Consultant, also worked on the book as a technical reviewer.

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