Webinar on the Future of Drupal Sites in 2023 by Drupal Partners

22 February, 2023

On Wednesday, February 23, Drupal Partners is hosting a Webinar to explore the exciting new features of Drupal 10. The presentation will begin at 11.00 AM PST / 2.00 PM EST and will be hosted by a team of experienced Drupal specialists. They’ll explain the changes and features of the latest version of Drupal and how to create robust and secure web solutions using it. Additionally, they will discuss the potential of Drupal 10 in the coming years and the future of Drupal sites in 2023.

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the features of Drupal 10 and why it is an attractive platform for site builders. Nash Ogden (President of Drupal Partners), Karthik Kalimuthu (Chief Technology Officer at The Commerce Shop), and Senthil Kumar (Vice President at Drupal Partners) will explain the robust security offered by Drupal and how it stands up against its competitors. Attendees will learn how to utilize Drupal to create strong, secure websites.

Join the webinar to uncover the benefits and drawbacks of Drupal 10. Get the requirements for installation, analyze cost-effective pricing options, and discover incentives for upgrading. Plus, get extraordinary surprises at the end! Register now.

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