How Symfony Components and Twig Simplify Drupal Core

18 May, 2023

A recent blog post published on discusses the integration of Symfony Components and Twig into Drupal Core. Symfony Components are a set of reusable PHP libraries that provide functionality for building web applications. Twig, on the other hand, is a templating engine that simplifies the process of creating HTML templates. By integrating these two technologies into Drupal Core, developers can enhance the flexibility and extensibility of their Drupal-powered websites.

The article highlights the benefits of using Symfony Components and Twig within Drupal Core. Symfony Components offer a wide range of functionalities such as routing, event handling, and form handling, which can greatly enhance the development process. Twig provides a clean and efficient way to create templates, making it easier to separate the presentation logic from the application logic.

The integration of Symfony Components and Twig into Drupal Core allows developers to leverage the power of these technologies while still benefiting from Drupal's robust CMS features. This integration enables developers to build more complex and customizable websites with ease. The article provides an overview of how to set up and configure Symfony Components and Twig within Drupal Core. It explains the necessary steps to install the required dependencies and provides code examples to demonstrate the integration process. Click here to read the blog post.

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