Drupal and Concurrency: Speeding Up BigPipe Responses with PHP 8.1's Fibers

18 July, 2023

In a recent blog post by Matt Glaman a compelling idea has surfaced—the potential use of concurrency to enhance streamed BigPipe responses in Drupal. The blog delves into the possibility of leveraging new PHP language features, specifically Fibers introduced in PHP 8.1, to achieve faster response times in Drupal applications.

BigPipe is a well-known and powerful rendering strategy in Drupal that helps improve web page loading speed by streaming parts of the page as they become ready, providing a smoother and more engaging user experience. However, Matt Glaman's blog raises the question of whether concurrency can be integrated to optimize this process further.

While Matt acknowledges that using concurrency might result in only a minor improvement for most Drupal sites, it could be a game-changer for those with specific dynamic content requirements. The potential to speed up responses and streamline user interactions could significantly impact user satisfaction and overall website performance.

Read the full blog post and delve into the world of concurrency and Drupal.

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