Retrofit Project Expands Compatibility for Drupal 7 Code

19 July, 2023

It has been just over a month since Matt Glaman first introduced Retrofit. This innovative project provides a compatibility layer enabling legacy Drupal 7 code to run seamlessly within a Drupal 10 code base. Since its initial release, Retrofit has made significant progress, with added support for theme functions and PHPTemplate template files. As Glaman sets his sights on the project's next milestone, he explores the compatibility support Retrofit can offer organizations seeking to upgrade from Drupal 7 in his latest blog post, "Retrofit's Next Milestone: Drupal 7 Theme Support."

As Retrofit continues to evolve, the project holds significant promise for organizations seeking to upgrade their Drupal 7 websites while preserving their existing design and branding. The addition of Drupal 7 theme support as the next milestone demonstrates the Retrofit team's commitment to addressing the community's practical needs and making the upgrade process as seamless as possible.

To delve deeper into Retrofit's journey and the significance of Drupal 7 theme support, readers are encouraged to visit Matt Glaman's blog post, where he explores the project's goals, benefits, and future developments.

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