Drupal Bern Meetup in August will Explore Modern Web Development

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Drupal enthusiasts in Bern are all set for an exciting in-person meetup scheduled for August 23rd at the rooftop terrace of Joinbox in Bern. The event promises an engaging lineup of presentations and discussions centered around modern web development, including topics like headless architecture, "Multisite" challenges, and the UI Suite Initiative.

The agenda for the event is packed with informative talks and lightning discussions. The evening kicks off with a 45-minute presentation by Ramon, exploring the benefits and challenges of adopting a modern architecture with GraphQL to decouple backend and frontend development.

Sandro Kneubühl from Joinbox will discuss the intricacies of international website challenges through the lens of their "Multisite" module. This module, built atop the domain module, tackles issues such as user location, domain and language redirection, URL validation, and sitemap generation for international websites.

The event will also feature a lightning talk by Philippe von Bergen shedding light on the UI Suite Initiative and SDC (System Dependency Checker) for effective templating and component management. This approach is exemplified in their contrib module page designer, showcasing how these tools enhance client-facing applications. The event will be concluded with an open discussion.

Attendees will gather on the 5th floor of Joinbox GmbH, located at Brückfeldstrasse 16, Bern. To know more or attend the event, visit the site.

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