Drupal Introduces Key Changes in 10.2.x Version for Enhanced Functionality

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Drupal core introduced a significant change in the FieldStorageAddForm::__construct() method as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance functionality and coding standards on 1st September 2023 by Srishti Bankar. Starting from Drupal 10.2.0, developers are required to include the $entityDisplayRepository and $tempStore arguments when calling this method. This alteration carries vital implications for module developers, as failing to include these arguments will result in deprecation warnings in Drupal 10.2.x and will become mandatory in Drupal 11.0.0. Developers should promptly adjust their code to ensure compatibility with future Drupal versions.

Additionally, in Drupal 10.2.0, there have been modifications to button values and messages during the field creation workflow. This change will impact how users interact with Drupal's interface during field creation. Another noteworthy alteration is that Field and Field Storage config entities will not be saved until after the last step in the field creation workflow. This adjustment aims to streamline the field creation process and improve the overall efficiency of Drupal's content management.

This update underscores Drupal's commitment to code quality and consistency as it evolves, ensuring a seamless experience for both developers and users. For more detailed information on implementing these changes in your projects, please refer to the official Drupal documentation.

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