Drupal Core 9.2.0 Release Resolves Upgrade Issue

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The latest release of Drupal core version 9.2.0, resolves the issue affecting the migration of private files during upgrades, reports quietone on drupal.org. Previously, when utilizing the Migrate Drupal UI module to upgrade from Drupal 7, the 'Private files directory' path entered by users was disregarded, resulting in the migration process mistakenly using the 'Public files directory' path instead. With this fix, users can now rest assured that the 'Private files directory' value they provide will be correctly utilized for private files migration.

This update addresses a specific issue concerning the migration process conducted through the Migrate Drupal UI module. To replicate the previous behaviour, users can either input the same path in both form fields or leave the 'Private files directory' field empty, prompting the migration process to use the 'Public directory' for both public and private files.

This fix carries significant implications for site builders, administrators, editors, and module developers, ensuring a smoother and more accurate migration experience when upgrading from Drupal 7 to the latest version. Learn more by visiting the site.

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