Drupal Association Candidates Discuss Community Concerns in Open Forum

21 September, 2023
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During the 2023 Drupal Association At-Large Community Board Election Open Forum, candidates vying for leadership positions within the Drupal Association (DA) engaged in insightful discussions about the organization's strengths and weaknesses. The candidates collectively acknowledged the DA's effectiveness in event organization and contributions to enhancing Drupal.org. However, they also highlighted areas for improvement, emphasizing the need for enhanced communication with the community and more robust marketing and branding efforts.

A significant point of consensus among the candidates was the identification of two major challenges that Drupal is set to face over the next two years. Firstly, they discussed the mounting competition from alternative content management system (CMS) platforms. Secondly, they underscored the imperative to attract new talent to the Drupal ecosystem.

To address these challenges, the candidates put forward various suggestions. These included streamlining the internship/placement process by vetting training programs and securing internships for graduates in collaboration with partner companies. Additionally, they proposed positioning Drupal as more than just a CMS, showcasing its framework capabilities and distinguishing it from competitors like WordPress. Moreover, they advocated for organizing contribution events tailored for non-developers, simplifying the contribution process for newcomers, and instituting mentorship programs to foster emerging leaders.

Overall, the candidates stressed the importance of fostering leadership within the community, particularly through mentorship initiatives and event organization, to fortify Drupal's future growth and vitality. 

Voting is Open! Learn more about the election and cast your vote by October 5.

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