Drupal 10.2.x-dev Streamlines Configuration Workflow for Developers

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Drupal core developers are streamlining the configuration system in the upcoming 10.2.x-dev release, eliminating the requirement to list config in 'getEditableConfigNames()' when using '#config_target' in forms. This change, reported by Alex Pott and proposed in response to issue #3398891 , aims to enhance the developer experience by eliminating the need for redundant configuration declarations.

Previously, config objects linked to form elements using '#config_target' still needed to be listed in 'getEditableConfigNames(),' ensuring non-overridden configurations. With this modification, developers can skip this step, reducing repetition and simplifying the integration of validation constraints on config forms. Additionally, the update addresses issues with form alterations, removing the necessity for extra submissions in some instances.

In response to the evolving needs of developers and to optimize the configuration workflow, Drupal core's commitment to improving developer experience shines through in this pragmatic adjustment. The change streamlines the development process by eliminating redundant steps and ensures a more intuitive and efficient utilization of configuration elements within the Drupal ecosystem.

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