Drupal.org Announces Final Discussion on Coding Standards Proposals

a man coding

Drupal.org revealed crucial updates regarding coding standards proposals. The Technical Working Group (TWG) has put forth two coding standards changes for the final round of discussion. Valuable feedback on these proposals will be examined during the meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 20 December at 2200 UTC.

The issues open for discussion include the introduction of a new coding standard focusing on the code style for declare(strict_types=1), and the potential allowance of splitting argument lists for function declarations across multiple lines.

Drupal enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in this pivotal discussion, shaping the coding standards of the platform. Further details on the proposed changes and the process for altering Drupal coding standards can be found on the Coding Standards project page.

For those eager to contribute and collaborate on refining Drupal's coding standards, the invitation extends to join the team in the #coding-standards channel on Drupal Slack. This collaborative effort involves both enhancing and implementing coding standards within the core software.

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