Frederic G. Marand Initiates Discussion on Drupal Core Statistics Module Transition

Frederic G. Marand Linkedin Image

Frederic G. Marand, a Consulting senior software architect, recently shared insights on LinkedIn regarding the transition of the Drupal core Statistics module to contrib in Drupal 11. This move aims to enhance the module's agility and evolution.

In Drupal 11, the Statistics module will shift to contrib, where it can adapt more swiftly to changes. The focus will be on making Statistics a privacy-compliant and site-internal statistics solution, concentrating on anonymous site usage without tracking individual users as third-party solutions do.

During Drupalcamp Roazhon, commencing in Rennes, France today, Marand intends to initiate discussions with interested contributors, including end-users, no-code site builders, and code developers/themers. The aim is to finalize the initial "compatibility" version for Drupal 11.0 and conduct triage for existing core issues to transition to contrib Statistics.

For more details, refer to the initial plan outlined here.

Visit the project home page here to stay updated on the transition progress.

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