Launches Browser-Based PHP Editor for Drupal Learners

PHP Training illustration

Joeri Poesen, founder of and an instructional designer specializing in Drupal, has announced the deployment of a new embedded code editor that runs PHP directly in the browser. This innovative tool is designed to facilitate learning for novice Drupal developers transitioning from procedural coding to Object Oriented Programming (OOP). The course targets those who may not have extensive development tools or are working on restricted corporate systems, offering a seamless learning experience without the need for software installations.

Since 2018, TrainingCloud has provided cloud-based development environments to all its learners, supporting a wide range of educational needs. With this latest advancement, Joeri aims to integrate lightweight, syntax-highlighted PHP snippets directly into the learning materials, allowing users to edit and execute code without leaving the browser. This method emphasizes interactivity, an approach Joeri describes using the retro term "interactive learning materials," to enhance engagement and understanding among participants. 

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