PHPCamp 2024 in Pune: A Premier Event for PHP Developers

Uniting PHP Professionals for Skill Development and Innovation
PHPCamp 2024 in Pune: A Premier Event for PHP Developers

PHPCamp, a prominent event dedicated to PHP enthusiasts, is set to take place tomorrow in Pune, promising an enriching experience for developers from all over the region. This event offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into PHP, enhance skills, share expertise, and connect with a community passionate about PHP.

Unlike traditional conferences, PHPCamp operates with no set agenda or predetermined speakers. This flexible format allows attendees to shape the event according to their interests, ensuring participants can engage in meaningful discussions, workshops, and talks. Expert-led sessions and peer-led discussions will provide practical insights and introduce new tools, making this a must-attend event for PHP professionals and enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of PHPCamp 2024 is the Drupal Pune Group's involvement. They are volunteering for and at the camp to ensure the event's success. Their participation underscores the collaborative spirit of the PHP community, where various groups come together to learn, share, and grow.

Amit Kumar Singh, one of the organizers of PHPCamp, shared his thoughts on the significance of PHPCamp with Kazima Abbas, sub-editor of The Drop Times. Reflecting on the event's history and its resurgence, Amit said:

"PHPCamp was initiated in 2008 to address the lack of dedicated events for PHP developers in India, while other technologies already had their gatherings. Since then, I've observed the rise of events focused on specific CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, as well as frameworks like Laravel. 

The reboot of PHPCamp in 2024 aims to unite these diverse communities, providing an opportunity for us to learn from one another and stay updated on the latest developments in PHP as a whole."

Amit also elaborated on the decision to use an unconference format without a fixed agenda or speakers and how this choice enhances the event’s goals of encouraging spontaneous demos, sharing sessions, and collaborative interaction.

"In 2007, I attended a BarCamp in Pune where most speakers focused on Java. Inspired to showcase something different, I decided to give a talk on Web 2.0 powered by PHP. This experience reinforced my belief that the best format for a conference is an unconference. It democratizes the stage, allowing anyone to speak as long as they follow the guidelines, with the understanding that attendees are free to leave if they aren't engaged by the topic."

Amit further observed that at past PHPCamps, many small groups formed where attendees engaged in discussions and demos on their laptops. PHPCamp fosters an environment where smart developers collaborate and share ideas. 

Events like Drupal Camp Pune and Joomla Day Pune were directly initiated by individuals who first connected at PHPCamp. This spirit of collaboration and openness is at the heart of what PHPCamp aims to achieve.

PHPCamp begins with an overview of what attendees can expect from an unconference format. Volunteers will be on hand to encourage and guide participants in engaging with the event in various ways.

PHPCamp 2024 welcomes PHP developers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The event aims to cater to diverse backgrounds, including users of CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and various PHP frameworks such as Laravel. The goal is to create an inclusive environment where attendees can learn, collaborate, and enhance their PHP skills together.

Amit also mentioned the involvement of PHP-related meetup groups: Drupal Pune and WordPress Pune,

"In Pune, we have two longstanding and vibrant PHP-related meetup groups: Drupal Pune and WordPress Pune. Both communities have been integral in supporting PHPCamp. Their involvement not only facilitated our outreach to developers when announcing PHPCamp but also provided experienced volunteers essential for organizing such events. 

Additionally, we're fortunate to receive support from the relatively newer but rapidly growing Laravel Pune community. Their participation further enriches our efforts in bringing together PHP developers from diverse backgrounds for PHPCamp."

When asked about what outcomes attendees can anticipate from participating in PHPCamp 2024, Amit highlighted several key points:

  • Skills Enhancement: Engage in hands-on workshops and discussions to acquire practical PHP development skills and explore new frameworks and coding techniques.
  • Knowledge Expansion: Gain insights into the latest PHP trends, innovations, and best practices across CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and emerging technologies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, mentors, and potential collaborators through structured networking events and community-driven sessions.
  • Community Engagement: Become part of a supportive PHP developer community, collaborating with groups like Drupal Pune, WordPress Pune

Participants can expect to return with enhanced expertise and meaningful connections to propel their careers and projects forward.

Notable sponsors for PHPCamp 2024 include QED42, Awesome Websites, and Ranium Systems. The event has also received support from Lubus and WBCom designs. Their financial contributions have been crucial in organizing the event and covering associated costs. Moreover, these sponsors actively participate in PHPCamp, enriching the experience for all attendees. 

For a detailed list of sponsors, you can visit

You can buy tickets for PHPCamp 2024 at

We thank Amit Kumar Singh for providing valuable insights and Nikita Aswani for her unwavering support. PHPCamp 2024 would be an exciting series of events tailored for PHP developers across India. Beyond Pune, plans are underway to host PHPCamp in various cities in the coming months, creating opportunities for developers nationwide to come together and share knowledge. This initiative aims to build a stronger, more interconnected PHP community throughout India, fostering collaboration and innovation.

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