Efficiently Delete Multiple Path Aliases for Published Nodes in Drupal 9

Efficiently Delete Multiple Path Aliases for Published Nodes in Drupal 9

Neeraj Singh's Medium post provides a practical guide for managing path aliases in Drupal 9. It offers a PHP script to delete all aliases for each published node, retaining only the canonical aliases. Reducing clutter from unnecessary aliases can help improve site performance. 

The process involves copying the script into your Drupal project directory and executing it within a Drupal environment. The script queries published nodes, loads their aliases, and deletes all but the canonical ones. 

Singh emphasizes the importance of backing up your database before running the script to prevent data loss. Additionally, he suggests testing the script in a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment before applying it to a production site to ensure it functions correctly and safely. Customization options are available to tailor the script to specific requirements, such as handling different conditions or content types.

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